Charity Project – Mini Footsteps Kindergarten

It goes without saying that education is one of the most important gifts a child can receive. It stimulates young minds and opens up a world of possibilities, setting the course for a child’s future and laying the groundwork for a successful life.

Education is also a right, and when this right is threatened by outside influences it’s essentially denying our bright young minds the chance to thrive.

Unfortunately, the good work being done by the passionate team at Mini Footsteps Kindergarten in Mitchells Plain was being undermined by unwanted elements that were able to access the school grounds.

Mini Footsteps reached out to Shutterway for assistance in thwarting those responsible for the harassment, and we were more than willing to help out.

Upon appraising the site, the team spotted an old gate that could be modified to fit the existing entrance – the entry point the harassers were using to hamper the school’s efforts. Shutterway then modified this old stock gate to fit neatly and securely into the space. Thankfully, the children and staff can now enjoy their lessons secure in the knowledge that they are safe from any untoward outside influences.

We hope that this contribution will go a long way to ensuring the children of Mini Footsteps Kindergarten have the best start possible to their education!