MEP Seeks to Unlock Potential in Prisoners

The consequences of crime echo through the lives of all who it affects, and not just the victims. The perpetrators, too, find that options for the rest of their lives have been radically limited. The Message Entrepreneurship Programme seeks to correct this by unlocking the “God-given potential of young incarcerated men, empowering them to become world changers, so that they will multiply and transform others.” There is a  definite wealth of untapped potential in prisoners.

It’s easy to forget that people turn to crime because of circumstance, poverty and desperation. MEP recognises this and seeks to rehabilitate criminals with a holistic curriculum that offers spiritual, economic, social and emotional support, and training to reduce re-offending. Essentially, they are trying to break the cyclical nature of crime.


An MEP student puts it succinctly:

“The things you’ve been saying, the things you’ve been speaking to me, that someone like me can do good in this world and actually be somebody and make a difference. I’ve never had anyone say these things before and these things have been changing me on the inside. I can’t find the words to explain what is happening in my heart but I need you to know that something is happening.”

MEP believes they can unlock the potential to becoming a contributing member of society by reducing financial burden when they leave prison, as well as providing education while they’re incarcerated. By stimulating inmate participation in education, vocational and job training, and prison work skills, there is definite personal development. Studies have shown that these techniques reduce recidivism significantly.

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