Shutterway Commends the Life Matters Foundation

Shutterway champions the safety of South Africa’s citizens and wholeheartedly believes in the future of our beautiful country. It’s for this reason that we proudly support and sponsor the Life Matters Foundation, an admirable initiative that educates children from gang and poverty ravaged areas.

The company’s vision is “to serve the community schools in a relevant and creative way in order that more children have the opportunity to grow in spiritual, physical, emotional, social and intellectual wholeness.


The Life Matters Foundation runs four underprivileged schools and uses The Shine Centre model as a jumping-off point. They offer Literacy Intervention to Grade 2 and 3 learners and have since seen improvement rates of up to 78% in individual results of the most at-risk learners who participate in their programme.



The company believes that early intervention achieves the best return on human capital investment. A strong foundation of number concept improves learners’ mathematical outcomes for the future and opens up employment possibilities. An Occupational Therapist has designed a numeracy curriculum and the Numeracy Programme is currently in its pilot phase at Lourier Primary School.


The Life Matters Foundation has qualified counsellors in four schools that work with children who are struggling with peer relationships, anger management issues, abuse and trauma.

With their sense of self-worth increasing during the process of one-on-one attention, our results after six sessions show an increased ability in these vulnerable learners to handle emotional stressors, relate to peers, obey instructions and express their pain.


Life Skills

The Life Matters Foundation currently organises and oversees Teenage Awareness Weeks, Grade 7 camps, a Mentoring Programme and also partners with Sweet Valley Primary School to provide a Reading Programme to one of their aforementioned four schools.

To get involved with the incredible work they do, either as a volunteer or donor, follow this link: