The Life Matters Foundation Deserves Your Support!

Shutterway is only too aware that many South African’s have to turn to security products because of the larger social anomalies in our country. These problems stem from inequality and poverty, and with our education system under immense strain many students drop out of school and are left with limited employment options and few alternatives.

But, thankfully, our country also has some of the most caring people in the world! It’s these Individuals who are willing to sacrifice time and effort for others that make South Africa such a remarkable, special country.

Shutterway was moved by the exemplary work by one such organisation. The Life Matters Foundation volunteer their services in primary schools situated in the Westlake and Steenberg areas of the Cape. They help overloaded teachers in under resourced institutions by providing private lessons to foundation phase learners. Essentially, they alleviate the pressure a packed class places on a teacher, and provide focused attention on the learners who are falling behind.

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It’s because of this selfless assistance that learners are able to keep up with their peers and complete their basic education.

This intervention comes at a crucial time as these areas are experiencing high drop-out rates in the early high school years. In communities already burdened with drugs and gangsterism, the uneducated youth will find few alternatives to crime and poverty. The Life Matters Foundation’s counselling, literacy and numeracy programmes, and life skills training assists nurtures learning and gives the attention that many of these children are missing in their home environment.

With many of our employees coming from the Steenberg and Retreat areas, Shutterway found it fitting to give a little back to these communities by pledging a monthly donation towards the literacy programme. Having recently witnessed the intervention in action at Lourier Primary School in Retreat, we were moved by the bond these students share with the volunteers and how increased personal attention can drastically improve a child’s education experience.

We know that our country has some very big problems, but we hope that this very small gesture can perhaps touch a life or two.

Please follow this link to pledge a donation towards the wonderful work The Life Matters Foundation does for our communities: