The LifeMatters Foundation Continues to Experience Positive Growth

As outlined in previous articles, Shutterway has committed a monthly donation to aid the valiant work The LifeMatters Foundation does. Their dedicated team of staff and volunteers are passionate, caring and making a visible difference in children’s lives in many wonderful ways. It’s because of this hard work that The LifeMatters Foundation continues to experience positive growth.

We thought we’d share some of their good news:

The LifeMatters Foundation Literacy Programme has Grown

The programme has enjoyed substantial growth and support in the past 18 months.  The number of children receiving intervention increased from 117 at the end of 2014 to 202 at the end of 2015, with further growth expected as 2016 progresses.

The positive development they’ve enjoyed has galvanised The LifeMatters Foundation staff and their team of volunteers to focus on in-house training at all four of the Literacy Centres. This has been initiated in order to improve the quality of the interventions.

So far feedback from their volunteers about the training has been highly positive and they are looking forward to the next phase in the second term!


Their LifeSkills Portfolio is Undergoing Exciting Changes

The LifeMatters Foundation LifeSkills Portfolio has had a term of growth and improvement. Since the New Year, they’ve had 7 mentors and 3 counsellors come on board. What this means is that an additional 54 learners are receiving LifeSkills Support. That’s pretty momentous!

Kayla-Tess Pattenden, LifeSkills Portfolio Manager, has put a lot of effort into the further development of the LifeSkills Portfolio. She has implemented a counselling resource drive and monthly counselling supervisions. What’s more is that a group therapy workshop has been confirmed for the second term too

Purveyor of all things delicious, The Creamery, has come on board the mentoring program to provide the groups with a free ice-cream party once a year! This is such a treat for the children as we all know how much they love a good ice cream, don’t we?

If you are interested in helping out this admirable organisation, The LifeMatters Foundation is always in need of more volunteers, so please contact them if you want to join the programme or are keen to donate.

Follow this link to lend them a hand:

All images courtesy of The LifeMatters Foundation website.