The Tavern Intervention Programme for Men

Reintroduced in late 2014 by South African Breweries, the Tavern Intervention Programme for Men, or TIP, is a series of workshops carried out in taverns across South Africa. The six-session workshop aims to inspire and change men who have been identified by law enforcement and their community as perpetrators of social crime, mostly as a result of the abuse of alcohol.

This intervention is a necessity to inspire and re-direct a person’s life before their actions hurt those closest to them. By partnering with community based organisations and leaders, TIP is able to identify those men who require intervention and actively give them the guidance and the help they need.

At each session, the participants, who are over the age of 18, are taken through comprehensive structured modules covering responsible alcohol use, HIV/Aids, gender-based violence and children’s rights. Men are also asked to discuss their personal belief systems, community pressure, as well as other social problems that may have catalysed their negative behaviour.

Once the rehabilitation program is complete, the men attend a graduation ceremony and receive a certificate of participation. Following this, they are encouraged to sign a pledge of commitment to be “ambassadors of change and champions within their community.

Thankfully this is not where the help and rehabilitation ends. A support group is formed and meets once a month to help these men discuss and share problems or be referred to an expert organisation, such as SANCA, FAMSA or social workers for further intervention.

Over 4000 men are expected to be aided by the TIP initiative within its five year span.

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