The History of Shutterway

Over the years, Shutterway has shared many stories about our installations, as well as a few choice interviews with our experienced team members. We think it is about time that we share a little more about our history and how Shutterway developed into the company it is today.

The Shutterway Timeline


The Shutterway concept was born when a family member required security after completing a neat home renovation. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t face covering the opening with the jail-like expandable gates that are still commonplace on the market today. This sparked an idea, and Shutterway’s signature louvered design was coined by Gray Holland, who has a lifetime of experience in construction, design and engineering. Following this, the distinctive design was registered with the Department of Trade and Industry.

The first factory and small team in Mowbray, Cape Town, Circa 2010.


This was the first year that Shutterway attended our first Homemakers Expo trade show at the CTICC. It was at a tiny stand with a limited budget but the public response to the product was overwhelmingly positive!


The demand for an aesthetically pleasing security solution soon forced us to move from our humble first factory in an old church hall in Mowbray, Cape Town, to larger premises in the industrial hub of Paarden Island. An area was set aside for a showroom with a range of configurations on display.

Paarden Island Showroom


Continual research and development into new configurations and components further cemented Shutterway as a leader in stylish custom made security barriers. And all this progress while still staying true to our vision of being the best! New configurations included window fixtures as an elegant solution, as opposed to regular burglar bars; swing security gates; sliding security gates; stacking panels and internal dividers. The company then expanded our footprint with area specific sales, design and installation agents across South Africa.


Shutterway was presented with the Most Innovative Product Award at the Decorex Exhibition at the Cape Town International Convention Centre! It was a truly proud moment for the company and one that we hold up high to this day.







Decorex Most Innovative Product Award on Display in our showroom, and our Decorex Stand


Shutterway continued to be specified by individual homeowners, business owners, developers, architects and interior designers as the best choice for elegant security. Projects were undertaken at prestigious Atlantic seaboard homes and upmarket wine estates, as well as in standard suburban homes and commercial properties. The business began to progress exponentially, building upon the foundation we’d laid over the years.


Shutterway grew its team and employed an additional production manager to focus on increasing capacity and turnaround times of these highly specialised, custom made units while maintaining the high quality that the brand has become known for.


And here we are! This year, Shutterway is looking to grow its reseller network, while working on an exclusive basis with area-specific agents who are trained to carry the ethos of the brand. While our home base is in Cape Town, you can hopefully look forward to seeing Shutterway in your area soon!