Meet the Shutterway Stylish Security Agent:  Pearce de Klerk from Style Secure

Meet the Shutterway Stylish Security West Coast Agent: Pearce de Klerk from Style Secure

Hi Pearce, thanks for taking time out of your schedule for this. How long have you been involved in the decorating / home improvement & security industry?

Thank you for the opportunity to share some of my experiences in this way. I have been involved in the security industry since 1988 when I joined the Police Force. In 1997 I left the Police for a long and interesting career in the private security services industry. Right now I focus on security consultation for corporations and individuals advising on personal and corporate security strategies. I started a company in July 2016 specializing in home improvement, specifically security barriers.

How long have you been involved in selling and installing Shutterway products?

Since January 2017 when we relocated our family business to Langebaan in the Western Cape.

What is your opinion of the product & what do you like best about Shutterway products?

Shutterway combines strength and style resulting in a very strong but elegant looking and aesthetically pleasing product. This means that a Shutterway client gets much more from a Shutterway security product than from most other security products on the market.

Apart from Shutterway, what other products and services do you offer?

Style Secure offer a wide range of window styling and security products focusing on top brands only. These include Luxaflex for awnings, all kinds of blinds and internal shutters, and Blockhouse Shutters for aluminium Security Shutters. In my private capacity I do security consulting as mentioned earlier.

Can you reminisce on your favourite installation or perhaps a positive client experience?

To me it is always a special moment when clients touch and feel the Shutterway product for the first time, whether that is after an installation or just looking at a sample. The workmanship is just not comparable with anything else and the lovely satin like feel of the powder coat finish speaks to the hearts of all clients.

Do you have a showroom, and if so where is this based? If not, where is the best place to view product?

We do not have a showroom as we believe that our personalized products are best sold in the comfort of a client’s home. In addition we service several towns on the West Coast and it is just not practical for clients to drive up to 50 or 60 Km to engage us – we prefer to do that for the client. Not having the expenses of a showroom enables us to sell premium products at discounted prices and puts us ahead of our competitors.

What are your website and contact details?
Pearce de Klerk – 082 994 4444
Annalize de Klerk – 082 374 9156
Pieter de Klerk – 076 307 3897

Thanks again, Pearce! We appreciate your answers and continued dedication to Shutterway’s products.