Meet the Shutterway Team – Gerry Arendse

The Shutterway Team works especially closely with clients, and we believe that nurturing these relationships leads to a far better experience in the workplace. Not to mention facilitating an end product that everyone’s proud of!

We pride ourselves on being professional from the ground up, and at every level. The ideas and concepts all feed directly to the factory, and it’s there that they come to fruition. So it goes without saying that things need to be run exceptionally well to ensure deadlines are met! On that note, meet our amazing Production Manager:


Tell us a bit about yourself, your job title, and how you came to be employed at Shutterway.

My name is Gerry Arendse and I am the Production Manager at Shutterway. This is a new position at the company. Shutterway realised that to have someone managing production was essential to having a more efficient and World Class factory.

Great! How long have you been at the company for?

This is my first year.

Can you give us a rundown of what a day at the office entails?

Production is somewhat all encompassing – my main objective is to ensure that the job is executed within the agreed time frame to ensure we meet our commitment to client delivery and quality.

Do you have any particular highlights that come to mind? An experience that left you thinking at the end of the day: “Yes, that’s why I do what I do!

I have had many clients telling me that our service is excellent and a breath of fresh air in a time where customer service is abysmal.

Please shed some light on the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis.

Challenges present themselves in various ways, so it would be hard to pinpoint the toughest job thus far.  Challenges I do face are ensuring suppliers meet our requirements to ensure we deliver on our promise to client.

Tell us why you think teamwork is important in the workplace.

Success is only possible with teamwork.  I have a good working relationship with my team and they understand when the pressure is hectic, so it is literally all systems go.

Where do you see Shutterway in 5 years, and how do you plan to get the company to another level?

My plan is to ensure we meet production targets and, using Kanban methods, ensure our factory continuously improves at being World Class.

I see Shutterway as the industry leader in stylish security with a more diversified portfolio.

Thanks for your time, keep well, Gerry.