Meet the Shutterway Team – Lance Harris, Head Installer

Welcome to the newest installment in our ongoing series of Meet the Shutterway Team interviews. We hope that as the interviews are released you’re able to get a clear understanding of the inner workings of our company, its culture, and the passion and drive that exists behind the scenes. Today’s Meet the Team insert is with one of our most highly valued and experienced employees, Lance Harris, Shutterway’s Head Installer.

Hi Lance, thanks for meeting with us. Tell us a bit about yourself, your job title, background, and how you came to be employed at Shutterway.

I started welding after leaving school and then went on to study boiler making.  I am currently the Head Installer for Shutterway. Whilst looking for a position I saw an advertisement online, applied for the position and attended several interviews, made a good impression and got the job!

How long have you been at Shutterway for?

I have been with Shutterway for 7 years now.

What is your impression of the company, its culture, and what particular challenges do you face daily?

I learn new things every day from my colleagues around me.  One thing I do particularly enjoy is that if any issues or problems come up we discuss them in a constructive manner and come to a solution as a team.

Can you give us a rundown of what a day installing entails?

l arrive at the factory and ensure that I have all the proper tools and equipment for the jobs scheduled for the day.  I also check all the panels before we leave the workshop to ensure that all are in perfect order.  We install each of our units to the best of our ability and I am always proud when a job has been completed satisfactorily.

I also deal with clients, phoning and setting up convenient dates and times for installations.

Do you have any highlights that come to mind; an experience that left you feeling proud and satisfied with your work?

Yes, we had to install a six-panel gate at a wine farm which was quite challenging as it was the first time we had installed a configuration like this.  Needless to say, we installed it perfectly and the client was so happy with our work that we got a little “wine farm” reward!

I have also done many installations in very beautiful and upmarket homes, and it makes me proud that these clients have our Shutterway products in their homes.  Working in these environments, I also get some amazing ideas and inspirations for my own home!













What aspect of your work fulfills you, and why?

My job entails meeting new people and going to different places every day.

Have you met any people with interesting stories to tell, and if so, could you share one or two with us here?

One of our clients is a multi-millionaire who owns a house in Llandudno, and I found him to be extremely down to earth, approachable and easy to get along with.  He would be somebody I could call a friend.

Another interesting story that involves myself – I had to do an installation in Plettenberg Bay and had just got to Swellendam when the factory phoned to say that I had forgotten a panel!  So, I promptly turned around and went back to Cape Town to fetch it.  Now I triple check everything!

Check, check, and check again! Last question: where do you see Shutterway in the next 5 years, and as part of the team, how do you plan to help get the company to another level?

I see Shutterway running our own powder coating plant and getting even better with the quality of our units.  I also see us expanding into Gauteng.

I intend to provide a consistent, quality service and my dream is to one day be a Sales Representative for Shutterway.

Thanks for your time, Lance, and all the best for the rest of 2017!