Meet the Shutterway Team – Tracey Longstaff, Office Manager

The Shutterway Team takes pride in the close working relationships we forge with our clients and staff. It’s a win-win situation for all that results in not only a pleasant working environment, but a superior end product too!

This professionalism starts from the ground-up, feeding through from our office to the installation sites where our team puts their exceptional skills to good use. Enjoy the insights our Office Manager, Tracey Longstaff, provides from our home base:

Hi Tracey. Tell us a bit about yourself, your job title, background, and how you came to be employed at Shutterway.

I am the Office Manager, originally filling in as a temp while another staff member was on maternity leave.  I was very impressed with the Shutterway operation from the outset, and am very glad my originally temporary position has been extended. I have a background in the corporate environment, and spent many years working at Investec.

Great! How long have you been at the company for?

Seven months.

Having only been an employee for a couple of months, what is your impression of the company and its culture?

I come from many years in a corporate background, working for world renowned companies, and I can honestly say that working for a smaller company like Shutterway has been more fulfilling as everybody, from the Directors, Production Manager, Installation Team and Factory staff work with pride and passion. They always keep the client foremost and ensure the highest of quality in every single unit we produce and install.

Can you give us a rundown of what a day at the office entails?

I ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day operation of the office.  We pride ourselves on ensuring queries for quotations are sent in a timeous and efficient manner.  I can guarantee that if you asked for a quotation today, you would get a response within a couple of hours!

Do you have any particular highlights that come to mind; an experience that continues to motivate you every day?

When we receive positive feedback from clients, praising us on our efficient service, that makes me very proud to be part of the Shutterway team; knowing that each one of us had a hand in ensuring the job went smoothly and efficiently.  One of our clients even brought in cheese cake for the whole team, as a thank you.  That was the best cheese cake I had ever eaten!

What aspect of your work gives you a feeling of satisfaction, and why?

Being part of Shutterway, we work hard for our clients and we do it together, as a team!

Have your met any people with interesting stories to tell, and if so, could you share one or two with us here?

We have a few very interesting characters working at Shutterway!  Interesting in that even though we all come from different backgrounds and cultures, when we have the time, we can talk about all kinds of different topics and find out more about one another.  And we laugh, we laugh a lot!

We can see why that stuck with you! Last question: where do you see Shutterway in the next 5 years, and as part of the team, how do you plan to help get the company to another level?

I see Shutterway expanding more within South Africa as well as the rest of Africa.  As soon as that Mauritius office opens you will find me there!  Seriously though, for me, service is paramount, and something that we unfortunately sorely lack in Cape Town. My goal has and will always be to provide the best service possible.

Thanks for your time, and all the best!

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