Meet the Agents – Frank & Jose Mao-Cheia (Hermanus)

Shutterway has been blessed with some of the best agents in the country. Their passion and experience has imbued the company with a level of professionalism and service delivery we’d have never thought possible in the past.

It’s because of their commitment to supplying clients with the very best security – tailored specifically to their needs – that Shutterway continues to go from strength to strength. This week, we’re travelling up the coast to get to know Frank and Jose Mao-Cheia, our resident Shutterway agents in Hermanus.


Hi Frank & Jose, cheers for agreeing to the interview! First up: How long have you been involved in the decorating, home improvement & security industry?

Thanks! We’ve been in the industry for 20+ years.

How long have you been selling Shutterway products?

Approximately 2 years.

What’s your opinion of Shutterway’s products & what do you like best about them?

Shutterway provides quality security solutions and a good, solid investment for clients. We’re impressed by how well Shutterway’s products fit in with the shutter & blind look.


Apart from Shutterway, what other products and services do you offer?

Our offices also specialise in blinds, awnings, shutters, screens, as well as flooring and decking.

Please share some security tips of your own with us.  

Never look to cut costs on security as this normally results in bad purchases that do not work effectively and do not last a lifetime. In this day and age security is a priority and should not be overlooked even if you live in a security complex. Be sure the product you purchase is well made to resolve your security needs for a lifelong investment.


Can you reminisce on your favourite installation or perhaps a positive client experience?

Every client loves the Shutterway product with its aesthetically pleasing look and superior, robust quality!

Please share your address with us so prospective Shutterway clients can come and peruse your product.

Unit 9 Whale Park

Argon Road 2

Hermanus Business Park

Hermanus 7200

What are your website and contact details?

028 313 1839


Frank Mao-Cheia 082 952 6900

Jose Mao-Cheia   082 322 0318

Great! Thanks for your time, we appreciate your answers and continued dedication to Shutterway’s products.


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