Emmanuel Khumalo, a 19-year-old educator at the Krazifizix Educational Club, has set up a free maths tuition programme in KwaZulu Natal. It’s this kind of ambition and drive that really makes South Africa an incredible place to live in.

Khumalo elaborates: “I started at Krazifizix, however, I’ve always been giving lessons. I remember in Grade 11, during break times, I would take the Grade 8s for Maths extra lessons and also did in Grade 12”.

His special lessons take place predominantly at Thandukwazi Primary School, but Khumalo is more than happy to provide assistance wherever or whenever he is needed. He comments: “I believe that I am making a huge difference every day. Seeing learners actually commit themselves to school on a Saturday and not out partying or doing wrong things – I like to think that my work helps keep kids off the street and that’s a huge difference.”

This video displays his passion and devotion to education:

If you would like to offer Emmanuel assistance, here are his contact details:

Cell: 079 16 14725

Email: khumalophd@gmail.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/krazikrazifizix/about

Source: SA Good News