Beautifully Minimalist Ideas for Your Home

There’s something incredibly satisfying about a room that’s been pared down to its beautiful necessities and embellished with only the most tasteful of flourishes. A minimalist look is far from an emerging trend; in fact, the simple aesthetic stands at the forefront of architectural and décor design these days and has so for many years.

In keeping with Shutterway’s own stylishly minimal security products, we thought we’d take a look at a few of our favourite minimalist executions.

Masseria Moroseta in Ostuni, Italy

Expertly designed by Andrew Trotter, ‘Masseria Moroseta’ is a summer haven surrounded by beautiful landscapes. What makes this minimalist abode special is its blend of both traditional atmosphere and contemporary design solutions.

The simple white stone farmhouse sits atop a ridge boasting striking views of the Adriatic Sea and the nearby town of Ostuni. The house was designed over a three-year period and built with the use of local materials and traditional techniques.

Kiev Apartment

This apartment features a touch more modernity than Masseria Moroseta, but is no less impressive in its use of minimalism. This stunning apartment is located in the center of Kiev and was lovingly designed by MARTIN architects. The open layout and the bedroom partitioned by framed glass are the particular highlights for us at Shutterway!

MUNITO’s Luxurious-Looking Daybed Sofa

This sofa really gets you excited for a weekend nap, doesn’t it? Its minimalist design also makes it an easy feature to incorporate into any design. The wooden base and hard right angles are contrasted perfectly with soft, neutral cushions. This creates a balance that’s not only inviting, but aesthetically pleasing too!

LED Candlelight

Speaking of sleep and all things good, take a look at this pleasant LED candle. Mori London’s pair of handmade minimalist glass lamps mimics the flicker of a flame with cutting edge tech, lulling you into the contentment that only sleep can bring.

And that’s what makes a minimalist approach so very appealing. Far from being sterile or boring, the design choice – if applied with an experienced eye – can make a space welcoming, homely, and beautiful. This is why Shutterway has chosen simplicity for our products. They fit effortlessly into existing décors and provide robust security to your precious property.