Feng Shui Ideas for Your Home Office

We at Shutterway understand the importance of a harmonious space for your home office. It stimulates wellbeing and galvanises creativity, making for an area you’re content to work from and happy to live in. Feng shui is a stellar design option if you’re looking to introduce a little bit of peace and contentment into your space:

Keep Your Office Far From Your Bedroom

A feng shui standard is to situate your home office as far from your bedroom as possible. If the design of your home allows this, fitting a separate doorway to your home office is what you want to do. If the aforementioned is not feasible, make sure to generate as much separation between your office area and your bedroom.

Plan, Plan… and Plan Some More!

Strategise your home office with success, contentment, and productivity as top of mind. Use specific images, feng shui colours, significant career souvenirs, as well as decor items that make you feel prosperous, cherished, and above all, happy.

You’re working from home, so feel free to express your unique creativity when decorating your office. This embellishment must adhere to your chosen field and be able to motivate you or spark creativity when you’re in need of some.

Fresh Air & Soft Light

Be cognisant of the quality of air and light (both natural and artificial) in your home office. These two factors are undoubtedly feng shui must-haves. A dark and stuffy work area will suppress productivity as well as dampen your mood.

Contemplate purchasing full-spectrum lights and remember to add some air-purifying plants to your office space. A plant’s energy has the power to rejuvenate and refresh not only the energy of your space, but also your own personal energy.

Move Your Desk to a Commanding Position

Push your desk in the feng shui commanding position to entice stronger and more successful energies to your office space. The feng shui commanding position means your back isn’t facing the door, and your desk is located further from it and not in line with it.

These basic feng shui concerns will guarantee a high level of energy in your home office, and help with maintaining a positive outlook on a day-to-day basis.

Shutterway Assimilates Perfectly with This Aesthetic Choice

A home office space must also feel safe because you cannot afford to lose valuable equipment and/or data. Shutterway’s elegant fixed louvered gates and window security will make your home office safe, while not compromising on the feng shui or aesthetics of your chosen space.