Man Takes It Upon Himself to Fill up Potholes

A Good Samaritan near Hartbeespoort Dam has taken it upon himself to fix the many potholes in the area. Lymen Mlambo’s decision to help the community has been greeted with positivity, with a number of people taking to Facebook to offer him their support.

An excerpt from a well-wisher and admirer:

“This morning, I came across a young man fixing potholes in Ouwapad. I stopped to enquire who employed him to fix these horrid irritants. To my amazement, I learnt that Lymen Mlambo, the young man fixing the potholes, buys his own cement and fixes the potholes off his own bat! Relying on donations from the public to cover expenses and hopefully a little more.

They continue: “Lymen created his own job! He does not beg and performs a wonderful function! May I please ask we all support him?”

Illustrating just how powerful social media can be for a good cause, by Tuesday morning the post had been shared over 7,600 times, complete with offers of money, assistance, and stories of others who are giving back to their communities selflessly.

While some have expressed concern about filling potholes with sand, only to have them be emptied rather quickly by passing vehicles, the majority of feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It just goes to show that when South Africans band together for the greater good, we are a force to be reckoned with!

The original poster, Vanessa Courtenay, had this to say: “To the most amazing community! The outpouring of support has been phenomenal never in my wildest dreams could I have hoped to achieve this level of recognition for Lymen. Thank you so very much.”

Original article: SA Good News

Picture source: Facebook