OurHood – Connecting South African neighbourhoods

We recently got wind of a new web-based community-building platform that is set to create safer, better connected neighbourhoods around South Africa. We were intrigued and simply had to know more, so we set up a meeting with the right people and that’s when we met OurHood!

What is OurHood?

OurHood is a free online platform thats main function is to get community conversations going between neighbours – about anything and everything related to where you live. The website is fully responsive, which means that you can easily use it on your PC, smart phone, laptop or tablet.

OurHood is responsive

 What could OurHood be used for?

  • Organising lift clubs with other people travelling from the same community
  • Creating and advertising community events
  • Connecting neighbours with similar interests or needs
  • Prompting the creation of an ubuntu community with people borrowing and lending everything from a ladder to a cup of sugar
  • Reporting criminal activity and warning community of seedy characters who are currently passing through the neighbourhood
  • Advertising things you would like to sell, lend or buy
  • Sharing and receiving advice from your neighbours on the best local services
  • Reporting problems like faulty street lights to local authorities
  • Accessing exclusive deals relevant to your neighbourhood

What kind of groups can benefit from OurHood?

OurHood CommunityOften those who run community based groups turn to Facebook or WhatsApp to be the tool used to connect their stakeholders. OurHood is the perfect tool for the job. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your neighbourhood dealings and is geared specifically to bring communities together with its various communication functionality. This means that neighbourhood watch organisations, rate payers organisations and community websites can now switch to a platform that is specifically there to make communicating with their members easy.


Can any South African community join OurHood?

Yes! At the moment OurHood is most popular in various suburbs around Cape Town and Johannesburg, but no matter where you are in Mzanzi, if you’d like to get your hood on the map, simply contact OurHood and they’ll hook you up! OurHood would absolutely love for every neighbourhood across South Africa to show interest and get their community connected.

How secure is OurHood?

It’s important that as a resident you feel completely safe when interacting in a community forum. Often Facebook groups are open to the general public, so just about anyone has access to your personal information – OurHood is different. Only members of your community are granted access to neighbourhood discussions. Online privacy is also vital. With OurHood, users can feel safe to share content online as they would in conversations with friends.

To safely sign in, each user needs to verify their physical address which is attached to a unique password. Once you’re in, you can have peace of mind knowing that the website is encrypted by HTTPS, and of course they have sworn that private information will never be shared with advertisers… or anyone else for that matter.

OurHood believes that by providing this online platform, it allows neighbourhoods to get to know one another again, whilst also providing all the tools to make their streets and homes safer and happier.

We believe in what OurHood believes in, and for that reason, we’ve partnered up to bring Cape Town OurHood users an exclusive offer. Get connected to find out what we have up our sleeve. We look forward to connecting with you through this brilliant new platform.