Roscoe Williams & Read to Rise Instil Hope in Mitchell’s Plain

South Africa is a country of infinite possibility and deep empathy. There are many wonderful stories that escape the limelight because something more salacious or provocative steals it, and Shutterway feels that this blog is the perfect place to give these positive stories the attention they deserve!

Lead SA’s Hero for the Month is Roscoe Williams, a Programme Manager for an NGO called Read to Rise. Born in Mitchell’s Plain on the Cape Flats, Williams cites his own experiences growing up in an area rife with crime as his motivation to give back to the community.

He visits schools where crime is prevailing and future prospects slim to spread the idea of Read to Rise to the youth and their educators. The goal of the Read to Rise NGO is to establish English, Xhosa, and Afrikaans libraries in every classroom. Each Grade 2 learner receives a new and stimulating book when Williams visits to teach his introductory lesson.


“That’s why we go to these schools and give them the books, to give them that sense of ownership,” says Williams. “I think it’s very important for what you are doing to bring a very important message across to these learners, because the temptation of going off path is very easy”

Read to Rise and Roscoe have already been to 40 schools in Mitchells Plain. He personally pays a visit to each principal, HOD, and classroom whenever he does.

To find out how you can assist this incredible initiative, follow this link:

Source: Lead SA

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