Shutterway Collaborates with Tilt!

At Shutterway we are always looking to innovate, to stay on the cusp of stylish and cutting edge security options, and to collaborate with frontrunners in the industry. Exceptional security is the result of a collective effort whereby learning and working together is the order of the day.

That’s why we’re so excited to be working with Tilt! Their experienced team of designers and manufacturers of architectural feature screens brings another level to our own products. This is a win-win situation of the very highest order!

You may be asking: What is an architectural screen? Tilt provides a very succinct answer:

With very few limitations, our screens offer privacy, partitioning, shading, covering, and architectural detailing. Made from specified materials, our screens are a modern design solution, which allows light and visibility while providing structural integrity. From restaurant partitioning to office dividers, balustrades and fascia cladding, the application and function really depends on what you can inspire us to design.

Take a look at some of their brilliant project work:



Our very own Andre Holland further expands on this exciting new venture:

Tilt manufacture architectural feature screens, and we did something a little differently recently, as we are known to do, by collaborating with them on this interesting gate for a prime beach cottage in Clifton. We were quite happy with the result, and are experimenting with these screens as an attractive alternative to our standard louvered gate. They also work well for interior gates to divide a bedroom from the rest of the home at night.

Check out the excellent results for yourselves. A perfect meeting point of safety and style:

Tilt DC