2016 Interior Design Trends With Shutterway

We’re mid-way through the year and the 2016 Interior Design Trends have been made clear and present, reflecting a healthy and organic lifestyle with a focus placed on eco sustainability. This is being achieved by flowing indoor-outdoor divides, neutral colours and natural materials and minerals. We’re seeing a particular natural emphasis placed on bathrooms and kitchens, lending these areas a pleasant atmosphere that facilitates peace of mind.

Natural Materials

2016 is highlighting materials including brass, copper, wood and marble, with the prevalent use of wood, stone, cork, and raw concrete being as present as always. As discussed, minerals are popular, with quartz and unpolished semi-precious stones appearing in décor and accessories.



We’re seeing a drive towards eco-sustainability worldwide and it’s also being incorporated into design this year. Recycling, upcycling, and reusing have become of huge importance to consumers. The reinvigoration of older design pieces is a great way to make use of things that would usually go to waste. We’re also seeing this in artisanal goods and at local markets: weaving, basketry, and crocheting are being blended with both vintage and mass-produced merchandise for a completely unique look.

The Outdoors… Inside!

Decking your interior with beautiful, lush plants and vegetation has returned this year. Again, this is being seen predominantly in bathrooms and kitchens. The incorporation of nature into your interior affords your space a relaxing, blissful atmosphere that’s special to come home to. On a related note, outdoor furniture is increasingly being used indoors, and vice versa.



2016 is all about bold contrasts with neutral palettes. Think beige and cream on the furniture with vibrant accents such as colourful portraits or vases.

The impetus for design in 2016 is ultimately about incorporating nature into your space and making use of older materials in new and exciting ways.


How Shutterway Fits into 2016’s Trends

Shutterway not only offers Ultra-Reliable Home Security, but a stylish aesthetic that blends perfectly into your home’s existing décor. Our minimalist, elegant horizontal louvre design is extremely easy on the eyes and will not detract from your home’s characteristic beauty. Our design provides a similar aesthetic to security shutters, and can be used in combination with conventional blinds or curtains to provide screening. The neutral tones and calm palettes being used in 2016 are perfectly complemented by our stylish, robust security products. Peace of mind, in both design and security.