An Office With A View – Completed Project

Shutterway was tasked with turning a blank canvas into a secure, stylishly simple photographic studio space. The design brief was easy enough: secure an upstairs photographic studio space in the trendy Wembley area of Cape Town.

Simple enough, sure, but as we all know any project worth undertaking comes with obstacles and setbacks to overcome. Shutterway thrives on the challenge!

After all, without problems to solve there would be no sense of achievement or growth when completing a project. It’s this fulfilment that Shutterway values so much – the pride that comes with providing another appreciated client with the security that will see their livelihoods protected.

A particular challenge Shutterway faced in the studio was the lack of brickwork. We usually rely on brickwork to secure our security products, but this space had little to be found. Instead, the “airport hangar” style studio utilised a steel frame construction that necessitated us having to come up with some quick – but reliable – solutions for the fixings.

We solved the dilemma by creating nine interlinked panels that were fixed in place by bolting straight through the steel frame structure. For the outside panels, we tapped a thread into the steel frames and bolted these to the sides firmly. The client also required an access control solution, which we resolved by fitting an electronic lock system to the double opening gates over the French doors. This electronic system is controlled via remote.

Obstacles crushed! Client satisfied.

Overall, it was a challenging design and installation brief, but we believe it all came together brilliantly in the end. This is thanks to a wonderful client and Shutterway’s experienced craftsmen and designers coming together to create something we are all proud of.

The finished result complements the space perfectly and will keep the client’s valuable equipment safe and secure.

Take a look at the sequential captures of the office space, before and after:

Shutterway Wembley photo studio - site design


Shutterway Wembley photo studio - before

Shutterway Wembley photo studio - installation

Shutterway Wembley photo studio - completed installation4

Shutterway Wembley photo studio - completed installation


Shutterway Wembley photo studio - completed installation3

Shutterway Wembley photo studio - completed installation2