Capaia Wine Estate, Philadelphia – Completed Project

Established in 1997 on the outskirts of Cape Town, the Capaia Wine Estate forms part of the burgeoning Philadelphia wine-growing region. The lovely estate gazes out across green hills and towards Table Mountain, extending upwards across the north-east flank of the Olifantskop.

It was to this stunning area that we returned after having secured the estate manager’s property cottage a number of years ago.

Unfortunately the lovely winery and farm had experienced a couple of security breaches, with management deciding it was necessary to upgrade the security at its winery and restaurant. Having shown our expertise previously and delivered product that exceeded expectations, Shutterway’s aesthetically pleasing design was an obvious choice for the Capaia winery.

Logistically, we were presented with a rather unforeseen obstacle to overcome – Shutterway had to devise the largest stacking system we’d ever installed! The winery had a large opening that required a security solution allowing it to open right up. Our team achieved this by installing an 8 panel stacking system, with four panels stacking each way.


The restaurant portion of the job was a little simpler, but no less stylish! Mariella’s was secured with our choice, elegant units to blend in perfectly with the subtle décor of the restaurant.

For anybody on the lookout for a unique experience, it’s well worth a trip up the West Coast to taste Capaia’s exquisite selection: