Featured Completed Project – Luxury Llandudno Residence

Shutterway’s elegant security solutions are often appreciated by top-end homeowners, and it is a privilege and inspiration to work in some of these homes. Our latest installation took us down to one of the most beautiful residential areas in Cape Town, the coastal gem Llandudno.

It’s certainly fitting, then, that the home has an awe-inspiring, panoramic view of the crystal ocean before it. Thoroughly motivated, Shutterway set to work on installing the necessary security measures to ensure the homeowners are able to enjoy the lovely scenic vista unbothered for years to come.


The job was not without its challenges, and our experienced team had to come up with a few solutions to problems they’d never faced. Apart from some interesting angles of the walls in this non-conventional home, we were presented with a challenge in terms of the access control solution required by the client.

We fitted certain door openings with sliding panels that were equipped with both a manual lock and an access controlled magnetic lock, operated by a wireless keypad. This way, staff can access the sliding gates with a code, and when required, the manual locks can be engaged to override this access ability.













It was a challenging installation, and the team spent quite a bit of time on this site for both the initial design and the installation, but once completed we can gladly sign off on another quality fitment.

Shutterway looks forward to more learning experiences like these in the New Year. By gaining new knowledge and working in different residences we’re able to get a better understanding of home security and how best to ensure our product is the superior, stylish option for our clients.