Feature Project – Creating an Internal Isolated Safety Zone

This project was for an upmarket residence in Constantia, Cape Town.  The goal was to separate the bedrooms from the rest of the house by creating an internal isolated safety zone for the family at night.

To avoid a floor track over the threshold, a single sliding panel was made on a top hung track and bottom guide.  A lintel was provided for support of the top hung system, as visible in the “before picture”.  After installation, the client filled the space with bookcases and covered the sliding panel (when in the open position) with a drywall cavity, letting the unit disappear when not in use.

Single slider – Before

Single Slider – Open

Single Slider – Half Open

We can create internal safety zones by isolating the bedroom wing of the house from the main area.  This can be independently locked off at night time, so that in the event of an intrusion, the bedroom wing will be inaccessible.  If you have a similar requirement and would like to create an internal isolated safety zone, please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to assist and  advise.