Featured Completed Project – Constantia

Design Brief – Single Sliders Into Cavities

Once in a while a project comes along that requires the team to challenge themselves, expand their skill sets, and dig deep to produce work that excels at every level. The Constantia project was exactly that.

Shutterway often collaborates with architects on specialised projects in high profile homes. One of these recently completed projects was at the home of highly respected Cape Town architect, Paulo Deliperi, in Constantia.

The brief was to create an internal “safe zone”, constructing single sliding panels that slide away into cavities during the day, thereby becoming invisible when in the open position. As our sliding system is top-hung, this application is perfect as we do not need to utilise a floor track. The end result complements the space wonderfully, and ensures that the family can rest assured upstairs at night time, safe with an additional security layer in place.

After all, peace of mind affords a house the kind of atmosphere that a family loves to call home.

Have a look at the progress of the project with these before and after pics: