Time Lapse of the Expert Shutterway Team at Work

An experienced team is an efficient team. And Shutterway’s crew of expert individuals is as resourceful and proficient as you can get, as evidenced by the Time Lapse video at the end of this article…

Recently, our team travelled to the stunning area of Fernkloof, Hermanus, to complete one of the largest orders we’ve received to date. You can read all about that, here. One aspect of the job that’s worth highlighting is the fitting of a single gate installation and the work that goes into it. A single gate installation normally only takes a Shutterway team around 15 minutes to complete as our experts are exceptionally well-trained and experienced in fitting these units.

We utilised two full-length posts, a hinge post and a lock post, which the team securely fixed into the brickwork. What’s more, Shutterway works incredibly neatly as we are generally retrofitting in completed homes, so we vacuum as we drill, and leave the gate and general area in a tidy state. Fixings are concealed within the posts, and cannot be accessed when the gate is in the locked position, ensuring that the unit is incredibly secure.

On top of that, market-leading 400 mm tabs are welded on both the post and the gate, securing the lock position to prevent any tampering. Should you wish to discuss your project or security needs, please click here to find a representative near you.

Click to watch our team of professional experts at work in the below Time Lapse video: