26 Things you can do to make your neighbourhood safer

If each member of a community were to take the same safety precautions in crime prevention, criminals would find it incredibly difficult to break down the neighbourhood’s layered security approach. This would massively reduce the amount of crime in an area, meaning your home and neighbourhood would be a far safer place to live. Here are 25 things you can do to make it happen…




Tips for making your neighbourhood safer

1. Rubbish bin habits

Take your rubbish bin out on garbage day instead of leaving it out all night. Rubbish day attracts bin scratchers and criminals often wander around areas posing as bin scratchers.

2. Don’t give hand-outs

Don’t give hand-outs to beggars, as this also attracts criminals to the area. Rather donate food or supplies to a nearby homeless shelter if you’d like to help those in need.

3. Don’t display new purchases

When disposing of boxes for high priced electronics either turn the boxes inside out or dispose of them in community recycling bins.

4. Be a respectful driver

On the road, be patient. Everyone is trying to reach a destination.

5. Layered security

Adopt a layered security approach to your home’s security.

6. Woof

Get a dog.

7. Car habits

Don’t leave valuables in your car, even if they are stashed in the cubbyhole – a thief may be watching you put it there.

8. Don’t be a hero

In a dangerous situation, don’t try and be a hero. You may be putting your life, and the lives of others around you, at risk.

9. Join forces

Become a member of the local neighbourhood watch.

10. Offer radio support

Get a radio, learn how to use it and join the neighbourhood watch radio network.

11. Go on patrol

Join neighbourhood watch patrols to help prevent crime before it happens.

12. Keeping an eye on your property

If you plan on going on holiday, ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your property for you, and take in your mail while you’re away. Offer to do the same for them next time they’re away.  If you have CCTV cameras installed on the premises, ask your security company if they are able to link the cameras up to your smartphone for remote viewing.

13. Use timers

In preparation for your holiday, use timers to turn lights, your radio and television on and off throughout the house to match your normal living pattern.

14. Pretend someone is home

Similarly, on a normal evening, if you go out, leave a few lights and your television on.

15. Ask for identification

If you are approached by door-to-door canvassers for charity, ask for identification.

16. Keep valuables out of sight

Make sure your curtains or blinds are closed to prevent would-be thieves from being able to peer into your home and checking out your valuables.

17. Report suspicious behaviour

Call the police if you notice any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood.

18. Go wireless

Opt for a wireless alarm system to protect your home.

19. Check your physical security

Make sure your burglar bars and security gates are sturdy and rust free.

20. Install security beams

Consider installing security beams outside your house so that your security company is notified before an intruder even reaches your front door.

21. Shed some light

Make sure the entrances to your home, and possible hiding places for burglars are well-lit.

22. Test your alarm system

Ensure your home’s security alarm is in working order and get your security company to test your alarm every few months.

23. Leave a key

Leave a key to your property with a neighbour in case your security company or the fire department need to gain access to your home.

24. Keep a list of emergency numbers

Have a list of emergency contact details easily accessible in case of emergency. You never know when you, or someone in your neighbourhood will need to reach the police, an ambulance or fire department in a hurry.

25. Educate others

Share information with your neighbours about what you know regarding crime trends. Creating awareness and educating others about how they can make the neighbourhood a safer place to live will do wonders for improving the area’s safety and sense of community.