4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Neighbourhood

Choosing a home, and thus a neighbourhood, is one of the most important long term investments a person can make. There are many important aspects to take into consideration before taking the plunge, and thankfully, there are a number of signifiers that one can look out for when choosing a potential place to live or invest in. Here are Shutterway’s 4 tips for choosing the perfect neighbourhood:

Pavements & Sidewalks

Pavements are a great reflection of the state of a neighbourhood. They reveal the upkeep history of an area and offer superior safety for families and pets. If you’re on the lookout for a family-friendly community, an area with pavements and sidewalks usually denotes a number of nearby recreational parks ideal for activity.










A neighbourhood and community should cater to your lifestyle by offering the amenities and facilities you need. Are you an active person? Look for a community with a gym nearby. Do you have a family? Then a neighbourhood with a good school is top priority. Nearby convenience stores and malls should also be taken into consideration as having them closeby saves you the schlep of having to travel far for necessities.









Sale & For Rent Signs

The term “buyer’s market” is real estate jargon for an area where home values have dropped. If you decide to buy when the market is low, you’ll very likely end up making a profit on your asset when it starts to recover. But don’t throw your cash down if you see a street lined with “For Sale” signs just yet! Too many are a good indication that a neighbourhood might be unsafe or not financially viable. Do a bit of research to ensure you aren’t buying into an area that will hurt you in the long run.









Look for a Low Crime Rate

For Shutterway, this is the most important aspect. Compare the crime statistics of your current residence with the area you’ve got your eye on by doing a bit of online research or chatting to a few of the residents . It’s also a good idea to find out if the area has a neighbourhood watch patrolling and a police station in the vicinity.