5 Key Steps for Dealing with a Home Invasion

With January nearly over and our work and social lives back in full swing, Shutterway thought it the perfect time to highlight the most important ways to deal with a home invasion or robbery. Look, there is no right or wrong way, what’s important is that you prepare for it, and even practice it. Here are Shutterway’s 5 Key Steps for Dealing with a Home Invasion:

Early Warning Systems

If an intruder is on your property having enough time to react is key. Home security solutions such as beams, passives, fences, electric fences, and dogs will give you this important time to call security or the police.

Choose a “Safe Room”

Choose a room in your house to be the “safe room”. This room should have an alternative exit as well as quickly lockable doors and furniture to block the exits easily. Ensure that there is a phone, panic button, water and other supplies within, as well as a list of all emergency contact numbers.


Choose a “Safe Word”

Pick an easy “safe word” or term to signify that there’s an intruder on your property. Ensure every family member knows this word and that it means to get to the safe room as soon as possible. It should be something unthreatening and easy to remember– “Room Sprint” perhaps?

Remember, Practice Makes Perfect!

As mentioned before, practicing your new preventative measures will guarantee that if an intrusion occurs, you’re more than ready for it. Include your domestic workers in these drills too and try to make a game of it for kids.

Install Shutterway’s Robust Product as Your First Line of Defence

See below for information on our premium, strong, and incredibly safe range of products for your home:

  1. Shutterway’s horizontal louvre design is sophisticated, elegant, and pleasing to the eye. Not only does it complement existing facades but it won’t detract from your home’s current aesthetic either.
  2. While the look of our product may be a definite strongpoint, our product provides robust strength second-to-none with its extremely strong steel construction. This ensures prospective criminals will find it hard to break-in and thus making our product the perfect deterrent.
  3. Shutterway’s units are custom made and can be securely fixed into brickwork, so expect product tailored specifically to you and your home’s needs. Not only that, but our bars, Venetian blinds, and security gates are rust-proof and available in a wide range of colours. Did we mention our units carry a three year guarantee?
  4. Our security gates are fitted with high quality lock options with key alike variants being readily available (one lock that works with multiple gates on the property). With a full length lock post, it’s basically impossible to access or tamper with Shutterway’s impenetrable lock options.
  5. Our units are easy to clean and constructed to include no dirt collecting recesses. Shutterway’s experienced team will professionally install your security, at your convenience, as well as removing any unsightly barriers on the property.


Louvre style security gates