Shutterway’s 5 Security Tips for Living Alone

There can be no doubt that living alone affords a sense of freedom like nothing else. Your precious time is yours, everything is in place and where you left it, and you don’t have to answer to anyone. Not to mention how much more productive you can be!

As with anything, however, there are important matters to take into account, and your security is at the top of the list.

Shutterway presents 5 Security Tips for Living Alone:


Get a Pet

While this may not be possible for people that live in flats or small townhouses, those who are allowed to own pets sing their praises. Dogs are notable deterrents to burglars when it comes to casing a neighbourhood. Not only this, but having a pet offers companionship and facilitates a homelier atmosphere.


Lock Up Before You Leave

This applies to not just when you’re out, but to all the time! It’s prudent to lock-up when you’re in your garden, when you’re enjoying a movie or TV series, or basically whenever you’re not in the vicinity of the door you use to enter and exit. While we’re on this point, get comfortable with using a peephole too!


Make Sure Curtains Are Closed

Here’s another security measure you can put into place easily. Close the blinds or curtains to ensure prospective burglars can’t see you’re alone in your home. This plays a huge part for criminals when it comes to selecting a place to burgle as they are far more likely to target homes where people live alone.

Make Friends With the Neighbours

We’re not saying you have to take them out for dinner or anything, but getting to know your neighbours is one of the simplest and most effective security systems there is. If they know you live on your own they’re more likely to call the police or neighbourhood security should they see somebody lurking about your property.

Keep Your Cellphone Charged

A burglar can easily sever your landline so it’s incredibly important to have a fully charged mobile to call out on. Because you live on your own, there’s likely to be just one smartphone in your place, so when the power drops to 20% or thereabouts plug it in and charge!