5 Ways to Brush Up On Your Holiday Security


With school holidays on the way, it’s time to start thinking about home security for when you’re getting some much needed R&R with the family. Hitting the road for a well-deserved sojourn from life’s hustle is meant to be stress-free and rejuvenating, but for some the idea of leaving their precious home unattended is enough to ruin the getaway with worry.

Install Resilient Locks

Door locks are the first deterrents, so they should not be easy to open! Deadbolts are where it’s at in terms of extra security for your doors. But aren’t they overly large and ugly? In the past you could be forgiven for thinking so, but today there are a myriad of stylish options for fortifying your doors with an extra bit of strength.


Install Light Timers

Light Timers create the illusion that somebody’s home, when in fact that somebody and their family are on a luxurious getaway some place far off. They’re inexpensive and are available at most hardware stores, easily programmed to turn on and off whenever you think necessary. Indoors and outdoors.


Get Motion Detector Lights for Your Garden

These inexpensive deterrents detect movements within a programmed range across your garden. Thankfully the sensitivity of your motion detectors can be adjusted accordingly, so you don’t have to worry about your garden becoming illuminated every time a cat walks passed. And, because thieves work under the cover of darkness, the mere idea of being seen under spotlight is sometimes deterrent enough!

Inform Your Neighbours

This is where community comes in. Hopefully you’re on friendly terms with your neighbours and have enough of a rapport to ask them to keep an eye out for any suspicious activities around your house.


Upgrade Your Existing Physical Security

Shutterway’s stylish blinds, gates and bars are the way to go if you’re looking to upgrade. Not only do our exceptionally well-designed product offer superior robustness, but they also blend into any existing décor with unobtrusive and stylish construction.