7 Cheap DIY Tips to Tick Off

In the past, we’ve covered the common ways to secure your home. Today, we’ve decided to make your life easier by putting forward 7 Cheap DIY Tips to Tick Off for superior home security. These simple tips are not only cost effective but incredibly simple to accomplish too.

Cheap and Effective Ways to Deter Burglars:

Add to your existing security camera system by installing a few dummy cameras around the property. This will give the impression that every nook and cranny has been covered by the network.

Remove all flyers, newsletters and local newspapers from your post box, gate, or wherever they’ve been placed. A build-up of the aforementioned signals that the inhabitants of the house are away.

Keep your garden in tip-top shape by always having neatly trimmed bushes and shrubs, especially those situated close to windows or entrances. This denotes that the home is being looked after and also ensures your visibility isn’t compromised.


Purchase light timers for both your indoor and outdoor lights so that when you’re out or away they turn on automatically at the time you’ve chosen. While we’re on this point, you can go even further by installing a special nightlight that fakes a TV’s glow!

Make use of a wooden dowel or metal bar, cut to fit your window or sliding door, to ensure those entrances can’t be pried open from the outside.

Invest in double-glazed windows or toughened glass. This makes it incredibly hard for burglars to break-in and comes with the added benefits of heat insulation and noise blockage.


Last but not least, make sure your mirrors don’t reflect any indoor security features, such as alarm systems or locks. Should the intruder get as far as your windows, the inability to get a good “lay of the land” could deter him from going any further.

See, with these 7 Cheap DIY Tips, effective home security isn’t all that hard and can accomplished cost-effectively and without too much hassle!

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