“My burglar bars were a grudge purchase” – Cape Town resident

Many Capetonians pour time, money and love into creating pleasant living spaces that reflect their personalities and lifestyles. However, the harsh reality is that these homes are often targeted because of the valuables they house, forcing home owners to spend money on home security improvements they know they need, but don’t necessarily want.

Burglar bars and security gates are often an element that home owners don’t want to spend money on, but after deciding that it’s something they need, fit them anyway. What many Capetonians don’t know is that there is an aesthetically pleasing burglar bars and security gates option. Nothing fancy, just a mixture of supreme quality and simple design.

Window security in white“Burglar proofing is ugly. My burglar bars were a grudge purchase, but finding the sleek lines of the louvre design (from Shutterway) at least complements all the hard work I’ve put into the interior. It’s great to have good quality security without having to feel like a prisoner in my own home.”, says a Cape Town resident and Shutterway Stylish Security client.

Most of the time home security is built to be functionally sound and quite often that doesn’t mean it’s pleasing to the eye. “At Shutterway, the reason we exist is to bring stylish homes reliable security gates and burglar bars that are aesthetically pleasing. The idea came about when a member of the family complained about burglar proofing on the market being rather unattractive. We made my brother the very first louvre design security unit there ever was. Within the first month of having the security unit fitted in his home, friends had mentioned they would love something similar in their homes… that’s when our Shutterway journey began”.

Burglar bars in Hermanus

With the crime statistics what they are in Cape Town, multiple layers of security function as a great deterrent, however most homes only have one or two layers of security protecting a home’s contents and loved ones. Whether you decide to go for fencing, home alarm systems, security cameras, security gates or burglar bars, it’s important to make sure you’re using a reputable company to provide you with a quality product, and if it’s aesthetically pleasing, well, that’s a total bonus to the look and feel of your home.

Although the need to fit burglar bars and security gates comes from an unfortunate crime situation, there’s no reason to constantly be reminded that you have to erect functional barriers to keep intruders at bay. Shutterway provides you with security gates and burglar bars that are both tough, and beautiful to ensure your home’s interior remains the pleasant living space you’ve worked so hard to create.