Burglary Myths Exposed!

Join Shutterway as we expose some of the most popular Burglary Myths:

Pop culture has played a huge role in feeding our misconceptions about break-ins. A lot of the preconceived notions come from blockbusters tailored for thrills, or video games crafted for a specific experience. But when you know the facts, you can protect yourself properly! Let’s debunk some of burglary’s greatest myths:

What Time Do They Happen?

Movies would have you believe burglaries occur at night time, with the criminal choosing to break-in under cover of darkness. But this is an untruth! Most burglaries occur in the daytime, with 40% of them taking place during the day, and most typically during business hours. Only 35% actually happen in the evening.

Burglars do not want to run into people and want as little trouble as possible, so an average break-in last just 8 minutes.

A Burglar’s Modus Operandi

A common belief is that burglars use the window as an entry point, but doors are actually the most common targets for break-ins. 60% of burglaries are through a door, with the majority being the front door, while a further 36% happen because a door was left open or unlocked! If a burglar chooses to enter via a window, they will break it. This is why it’s vital to have glass break sensors as an extra layer of protection in your home security plan.

Despite what movies would have you believe, it’s unlikely the crime will happen through a basement or a garage, with only 4% and 9% occurring through the aforementioned areas.


What Items Are Popular to Steal?

Put your mind in that of a burglar’s – If you had to take one valuable item from your home, what would it be?

Most would choose an expensive appliance. This makes sense as electronics are the most stolen items in a household. When crafting your home security system, ensure that sensors are fitted to the room with your TV and computer, and in rooms with any other precious items you wish to protect. A common misconception is that firearms are targeted, but this is a fallacy as they make up 2% of items stolen from burglaries.

In summary – lock up, stay safe, and enjoy your well-deserved holidays!