Feel Secure by Knowing What a Burglar Looks For

When getting an understanding of what your security should entail, it’s best to appraise it from all angles. Even if that means seeing it through the eyes of the person you’re trying to deter – a burglar, or criminal. In order to quell the crime in your area, you need to recognise what drives it, and what scares it away!

According to recent studies, the majority of burglars said the proximity of people played a major role in the selection of an area to target. Aspects such as traffic, the number of people in houses or businesses, and the frequency of police patrols were all things they considered when on the lookout. Things get a bit more granular when an area’s targeted, and escape routes, alarms, dogs, and surveillance technology are all taken into account.


The study further elaborates that 83% of burglars would confirm whether or not a house has an alarm, with 60% saying they would look elsewhere should one be present in the targeted home. Most invasions are reported to be through open windows, doors, or forcibly opening the aforementioned. Only 1 in 8 burglars favoured lock picking or acquiring a key to gain entry.


The higher percentage of burglaries is a result of spur-of-the-moment decision – this is where your existing surveillance and security systems become vitally important. Not only will they deter criminals during their planning process – if there is one (only 12% reported a plan of action beforehand) – but they will be able to withstand an impulsive act of criminality.


The lessons we can take away from this information is that criminals do indeed case a home beforehand, and do take existing security into account, be it technological, architectural or animal. The best thing is to be prepared, and hopefully you’ll never have to experience a burglary thanks to superior security.

Source – Science Daily