Focusing Security on Your Windows

Windows are one of the most disregarded aspects of home security. Designed to let the light in and open up a room’s space, it can be a bit of a downer to cover them up with thick bars or permanent shades. But homeowners need to pay special attention to windows as they are also one of the easiest ways for criminals to gain access to a household.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with a few solutions that’ll secure your windows without detracting from what they were created for in the first place.


1. Reinforce Your Window’s Glass

There are a variety of ways to bolster your glass windows with sturdier materials. Tempered glass is inexpensive, far more resilient than standard glass, and holds up better against breaking.

Laminated glass – or safety glass – is definitely an option you should take into consideration. A thin layer of vinyl inserted between two sheets of ordinary glass means a burglar would have to repeatedly smack the same spot to break through it, resulting in a lot more noise than usual.

Other options include wire mesh glass or bullet resistant glass, but to be honest these are normally far too expensive for most families and don’t really offer better security over the other choices mentioned.

2. Window Alarms

Shutterway believes simplicity is the best course of action – it’s easier to assess and control if you understand what you’re dealing with. A window sensor hooked up to your home security system is an easy option that will sound your alarm should a window be opened or smashed, deterring the intruder with loud noise.

3. Shutterway’s Burglar Bars

For optimum window security, we install single or multiple vertical rods for added strength on wider span windows. The Louvre-style burglar bars are non-adjustable and do not provide screening. However, they can be used with blinds or curtains. As a complementary service, Shutterway provides you with the Shademaster range of Venetian blinds.












Our stylish burglar bars are made of rust protected steel, and all workmanship carries a three year guarantee. The powder coated finish is available in a wide range of colours to match existing window frames or your décor requirements. These bars are a breeze to clean with no dirt collecting recesses.

Enjoy superior window safety with Shutterway!