Home Security Tips for the Summer Holidays

We’ve escaped the doldrums of winter and are swiftly moving towards sunny skies, warms weekends, and the prize at the end of the year – summer holidays! But leaving your home unattended for a holiday presents stresses of its own.

One of these worries is undoubtedly ensuring the safety of your property. After all, what’s a rejuvenating holiday if you return to a home that’s been ransacked?

Not to worry, there are a number of easy precautions you can take before you leave to secure your precious home.


Shutterway’s Tips for the Summer Holidays:

Test Your Alarm System

Make sure to test all zones of your alarm system a few weeks before you plan to go away. Calling your security company’s control centre to inform them that you will be conducting a test is important, too. If you pick up any faults with your alarm system, such as low battery power, arrange for a skilled technician to attend to the problem.

Check Your Perimeter

Take a stroll around your property to inspect fences, walls and gates, checking for any indication of damage or tampering that could allow intruders access to your property.

Trim Foliage

If you have an electric fence it’s a good idea to cut back any overhanging trees that could soon touch the fence and result in a false alarm. Trim overgrown bushes around the house that could provide potential hiding places for criminals.

Clean Out Your Post-boxes

Before you leave ask a neighbour to collect any mail and newspaper deliveries because nothing screams “empty house” to burglars louder than an overflowing post-box.

Ask a Trusted Neighbour to Keep an Eye Out

Ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your property while you are away and vice versa.

Keep Everything Illuminated

Research has shown that burglars don’t favour breaking into a well-lit property, so make sure that you have outdoor lighting that switches on at night.

Lock Everything Up!

Make sure all windows and doors are securely closed and locked before you leave and don’t forget to double check the windows in children’s bedrooms and bathrooms.

Secure Sheds & Outhouses

Sheds and Outhouses are often an extension of your home. These structures don’t generally have the best security, so make sure the rusty locks are replaced and doors locked.

We hope this has alleviated some of the concerns you have before embarking on a well-deserved break. The holidays are just around the corner and Shutterway wants you to enjoy them to the fullest!