How Security Can Up the Value of Your Home

Purchasing a home necessitates large financial expense with prospective buyers looking for the best deal possible. Moreover, if you’re selling your home, you know its value is key to getting it off the market quickly.

Hawk-eyed real estate agents and seasoned home appraisers take many factors into consideration when deciding on the value of a home and its property. They consider location, size and condition, as well as the surrounding neighbourhood and its history. There a variety of ways to increase your home’s desirability market-wise, but the sure-fire way to make it more appealing to buyers is with modernised and superior security processes.


Family Safety

It’s pretty obvious when you think about it, but family safety is probably the most important factor a buyer takes into consideration. A state-of-the-art security and safety system will make a buyer feel a bit more comfortable when it comes to investing in your home.

Insurance Discounts!

By installing a security system and upgrading your shutters, security gates and burglar bars you’ll be up for discounts from your homeowner insurance company.

Cutting Edge Home Experience Technology

Again with the modernisation! Other technological features can also add to your security without you evening knowing. An integrated home system can play music in differnent rooms, control lighting throughout the home and even adjust room temperature when you’re absent. All of which lends the appearance of somebody being home, even when nobody is.

Complete Home Security

Combine the above points with the following affordable measures to achieve an all-encompassing home security solution:

• Sound door locks and dead bolts
• Totally secure locks for your windows
• A motorised garage with door remotes
• Motion detectors for your garden and sliding doors
• Shades for your windows to obstruct people from seeing inside – night or day

Here’s some top-end reinforcement with Shutterway’s exceptionally crafted and stylishly designed selection of products:

Burglar Bars

burglar bars 2

burglar bars

Security Gates



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