What is layered security?

Heard the term layered security and looking for a dash of insight into what exactly layered security is? You’ve come to the right place.

Layered security explained

In terms of home security, layered security is having a number of security solutions in place to protect your home. That means that there are various security hurdles in place that need time, attention and specialised equipment for some attempting to enter your home.

Why is layered security important?

Having a layered security approach not only makes it extremely difficult for a burglar to enter your home, but also acts as a deterrent to would-be intruders. It is far easier for thieves to penetrate a home that only uses one method of security than it is to try and get past a few.

How to achieve layered security

There are various different security solutions on the market. Pick a handful of them and you’ve got yourself a layered security approach to protect your home. Security comes in a variety of options:

  • High walls or fences
  • Barbed wire or security spikes on walls and fences
  • Motion sensor beams for your home’s exterior
  • Wireless alarm system for your home’s interior
  • Dogs
  • Security gates
  • Burglar bars
  • Armed response
  • Remote access to your home’s entry points
  • Security cameras
  • Exterior entry point lighting
Shutterway entrance security gate

Combining a sturdy security gate with motion sensor beams will allow you to pick up an intruder before they are able to even get to your front door.


When should layered security be activated?

Your home’s layered security defences should be enabled whenever possible. If you’re not at home, all levels to your layered security should be in place and activated. When you’re at home, enable as much of your layered security as possible, without imposing on comfort. Intruders are known to strike whether or not there are people inside a home, so even having security gates closed while you’re at home (whether you have company or not) is a good habit to get into.

Where is layered security needed?

Crime isn’t restricted to certain areas, it happens everywhere. That’s why a layered security approach is a great defence mechanism for every home, no matter what suburb you live in.

So there you have it, layered security in a nutshell.