Let’s Talk Burglar Bars!

Let’s be honest, the appearance of generic burglar bars is enough to deter many aesthetically-geared homeowners from buying them. Thankfully Shutterway has taken this, as well as the all-important security factor, into consideration. But just in case you needed some extra incentive – a little push – to buy a set of stylish security bars, here are four other reasons:

Open Windows

We don’t mean to, but often we leave our house in a rush and forget to close and latch the windows. In fact, homeowners tend to leave their windows open far more than their doors. Would-be house invaders know that if they try a locked door they can move on to a window elsewhere. This is why having burglar bars is a must – it’s that extra security for forgetful moments.


Windows Aren’t Usually Covered by Security Systems

Most thieves know that your alarm system might not cover your windows. Combine this with the fact that windows offer quieter and easier entry than unlocked doors, it becomes obvious why your windows need to be protected with burglar bars.


Seen from Afar

An open window seen from across the road may be the sole reason for a break-in. They make for easy targets, but if they’re reinforced with a set of burglar bars the criminal will probably think twice before crossing the street in an attempt to steal your goods.


A Latch Isn’t Strong Enough

Windows are usually secured by a pretty simplistic latch. So simplistic, in fact, that most burglars can unlatch a locked window with relative ease. A good remedy for this is a secondary lock reinforced by a set of burglar bars. It’s that extra addition that’ll give you the peace of mind when leaving your home for the day.