Let’s Talk Security Gates!

A comprehensive safety plan for your home should include security gates. Not only are they robust and incredibly hard to penetrate, but they’re able to integrate into your home’s interior or exterior décor with ease.

Shutterway’s horizontal designs create an immaculate architectural element that affords your home a clean look, as opposed to the busy aesthetic created by vertical lines. Security gates are a robust physical barrier as well as a visual deterrent to criminals.











Understanding the benefits of installing security gates will go a long way in helping you make the right decisions for your home:

Safety & Security

Shutterway considers your safety foremost and we design our gates with your security firmly in mind. Having a security gate as your first line of defense allows you more control if somebody happens to be lurking about in your garden, or if a stranger happens to ring the bell. They’re also extremely resilient and are a known deterrent to prospective burglars.












Favouring steel gates over other less stout materials is not only a superior security option, but a choice that makes maintenance extremely easy. Debris can be eliminated with standard household cleaners and rust is easily prevented with regular checks of hinges, latches, and locks. Our units are all custom-made from rust protected steel, and all workmanship carries a three year guarantee.

Shutterway has a premium range of products to suit your home. See them all right here: https://www.shutterway.co.za/products/security-gates/