Let’s Talk Venetian Blinds!

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular choices for windows and sliding doors because they offer a chic alternative to standard curtains. Shutterway’s three options – aluminium, driftwood and dreamwood – are not only cost-effective, but elegant and stylish too.

Let’s take a look at a few advantages Venetian blinds offer your home:

  • This first is pretty obvious, in fact, it’s probably the main reason people buy venetian blinds in the first place. Privacy. It’s a no-brainer, really! Privacy grants us peace of mind within our home, and Venetian blinds offer plenty of it without being obstructive or ugly. What’s more is that even if the slats are slightly open, an outsider’s view of your interior is still very restricted.
  • You control the light! By manipulating your blinds you become the architect of your room’s atmosphere by allowing your preferred amount of sunlight into the room.
  • And last but not least – it’s actually the most important aspect in Shutterway’s eyes – is security. We touched on privacy earlier, and this definitely goes hand-in-hand with that. Venetian blinds keep wandering eyes from being able to case your home’s interior for valuables and, even when left open slightly, can obscure the view enough to deter a burglar.


Shutterway’s Venetian blinds can be installed in combination with our stylish burglar bars to ensure your home remains safe, whilst providing screening at the same time. They compliment the Shutterway fixed louvre security system and are custom made to meet your specifications.
Follow this link for more information on our variants! https://www.shutterway.co.za/products/venetian-blinds/