What is a louvre style security gate?

Heard someone mention a louvre style security gate when talking about home décor, and not quite sure what it is? You’re in the right place for a run-down on the topic, because we’re the company that brings South Africa the louvre style security gate – Shutterway.

What are ‘louvres’?

Louvres are a set of angled slats. The angled slats are either fixed or hung, one below the other, however the distance in between the slats change depending on personal preference and requirements. Therefore a louvre style security gate is a barrier which holds angled slats made of steel.

What types of products are available in a louvre style?

The most popular choice of louvred units to be found in homes are louvre style security gates, burglar bars, doors, blinds and screens.

Security gate in louvre style

Why buy a Shutterway louvre style security gate?

  • Louvred security gates are aesthetically pleasing
  • Angled slats don’t restrict light
  • It’s easy to clean a louvre style security gate
  • Louvres are made from solid steel
  • Spacing between louvres are customizable
  • Louvre style security gates compliment all interiors

Louvre style security gates

Can slats of security gates in the louvre style be bent apart?

Shutterway fits the louvre design security gate to secure a maximum span of 850 mm before adding an extra vertical rod support as a reinforcement. This is to ensure that a firm barrier is installed – one that cannot be bent apart by your average burglar’s tools.

How are louvred security gates hung?

Often a security gate company will fit their gates into existing frames, but this isn’t the most solid solution. At Shutterway we make each security gate in its own frame and then fix it into a home’s brickwork. As a final touch, we secure the gate in place with a 60 x 8 mm coach screw.

Security gates in louvre design

Where in South Africa are louvre style security gates fitted?

At Shutterway we currently fit our louvred security gates in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Plettenberg Bay and Knysna.

What does the design world think about the Shutterway louvre style security gate?

At the 2014 Cape Town Decorex exhibition, our Shutterway security gate design walked away with the Most Innovative Product Award. The esteemed panel of judges added that they believe the Shutterway louvred style of security gate to be an unbelievably attractive solution to a unique South African problem which is truly deserving of the most innovative product award. Needless to say, we are over the moon by the praise we have received by the design community for our louvre style security gate.

How can you get a quote on a louvre style security gate for your home?

That’s easy! Simply fill out the online enquiry form on the right hand side of the page to get a quote.