What makes a reliable security gate in Cape Town nowadays?

The Mother City is an incredible place to live and even though crime exists (as it does everywhere in the world) it’s not enough to chase its Cape-Town-loving residents away, and quite rightfully so. All a household needs in a set of reliable security gates that are designed to withstand even the most hardcore skelms, and a layered security approach to support it. But, what makes a reliable security gate in Cape Town?

Here is what Capetonians should regard a reliable security gate in Cape Town as nowadays:


Rust-protected security gate for Cape Town’s salty air

With salt water oceans for miles around Cape Town’s peninsula it’s important to choose a security gate that has been treated with a rust-protective coating.

Reliable security gate locks

A security gate’s lock is the first point of attack on any security gate, so it’s worth spending a little bit more to ensure that you’ve fitted a quality lock. A cheap security gate is usually not a reliable security gate because it uses a cheap lock, and not surprisingly, is easy to quickly break through. Italian locks are known for their superior strength and durability, so opt for a security gate that comes with a lock made in Italy… not China.

Quick lock for speedy safety

If you need to lock a gate quickly, then a quality security gate will need a deadlock that throws its full force into effect after one turn of a key. Another option for a security gate that offers speedy security for your Cape Town home is opting to install an electronic lock on your security gate which can be paired with a remote control for additional access control.

Secure design

We’ve heard about the crime trend in Cape Town that sees a child accomplice climb through doggie doors, windows and security gates. For this reason, fitting a reliable security gate in Cape Town calls for a security gate design that doesn’t leave room for even a minor to squeeze through.

Solid steel security gates

With a pair of cutters that mean business, a security gate with hollow bars or beams won’t stand a chance. However, bars of solid steel yawn when they take one look at those types of tools.


In Cape Town, a reliable security gate is one that is able to withstand the best efforts of a would-be intruder attempting to bend the bars of a unit apart. This means that not only does the welding on the security gate need to be of the best quality, but the materials that the security gate is made from needs to be of superior quality too. On a wide-span security gate that you can rely on you’ll find additional support rods that are secured to ensure that the solid bars remain inflexible even when the security gate spans a long distance.

Welded-on lock tabs

A safe lock is a secure lock! A security gate that has welded-on lock tabs on both the lock post and the gate is one great way of keeping a lock secure. Naturally it’s much harder for a burglar to get to a lock to tamper with it if it’s sandwiched between steel.

Hardcore hinges

The hinges of a truly reliable security gate will be reinforced with a stainless steel pin that runs throughout the hinge. It’s a small detail, but an important feature to ensuring the security of the entire unit.

Fresh frame secured into brickwork

A reliable security gate needs to be fitted into a frame of its own and secured into the brickwork of a home. Why? Well, because even if you have the most reliable security gate available in Cape Town; a gate that is made with solid steel, strong lock, can’t be bent open, and comes with a guarantee – if you fit such a gate into an existing door or window frame, you are trusting a frame that isn’t as strong as the security gate itself, and rather something that wasn’t initially installed to aid a home’s security.

Guaranteed reliability

A reliable security gate in Cape Town will come with a guarantee. If a company is confident about the product they fit in homes, they will happily offer their clients a guarantee on the security gate’s workmanship and locks.

Choosing the right company

There are so many companies in Cape Town offering ‘reliable’ security gates, and only a handful of them are truly worth your investment. To make sure you are dealing with a company you can trust, do a little bit of research beforehand. Find out how long the company has been around for, what guarantees they offer, visit their website gallery to view their previous installations, or even head down to their office or showroom so that you can physically see and feel the quality of the product you’re buying before you sign on the dotted line.

So where exactly can you get a reliable security gate in Cape Town that ticks all these boxes? Right here, with us, at Shutterway…

The Shutterway promise

At Shutterway, we ensure a guarantee on all parts and workmanship that goes into the creation and fitting of one of our reliable, Shutterway security gates. We also offer to repair or replace (at our cost, of course) any security gate that is broken into (not likely!) within three years of fitting the unit.

Excited about securing your Cape Town home with a reliable, Shutterway security gate that you can trust?  Contact us today for a chat, or a quote!