Renovating is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Security

Whether we like it or not, renovation is something every homeowner has to deal with. It’s one of the most stressful and daunting aspects of owning a house. A good renovation adds important value to your property, while a bad one is detrimental to not only its worth, but to your peace of mind too.

Thankfully, renovation also presents an opportunity to iron out the kinks in your security plan. In fact, with just a few upgrades and alterations it could elevate your safety and security to another level.


How? Let’s take a look:

Bolster Your Doors

South Africa’s rich and long history means it has the houses to match. But here’s the rub: a lot of older doors were designed with aesthetics in mind instead of strength. Deciding to upgrade your doors when you renovate will go a long way in upgrading your home security.









New Windows

Often, renovating includes fitting larger glass windows to open up a space, or to add more light to a room. Reinforced or toughened glass in combination with good locks – keyed locks are a good option – will enforce the security of your home. If your doors are of the sliding glass variety, ensure that they’re unable to be lifted from their tracks.












Locks & Screens

This is a must! Lock technology is always being reinvented, and coupled with the fact that your locks most probably haven’t been changed since your home was last renovated – even built – now would be a good time to upgrade them. Dead latches on exterior doors and keyed locks on windows are your best bets.

If you don’t want to tarnish the vintage appearance of your doors or windows, security screens or Shutterway’s burglar bar and Venetian blinds are ideal. Our high grade product ensures you’re able to retain your home’s character and bolster the security at the same time. It’s the old ‘two birds with one stone’ adage to a tee!