Residential burglaries on a steady increase in Western Cape [Graph]

Recently the South African government released the latest statistics for reported crime in South Africa. What peaked our interest is how the numbers of residential burglaries in the Western Cape are doing.

Before we share these statistics, we must just say that at Shutterway we wholeheartedly stand behind the belief that awareness is key to minimising home robberies in a community. Awareness of a problem often causes us to take precautions we wouldn’t have taken had we remained in the dark on the matter… until it’s too late.


You may notice that we don’t often share articles and statistics of crime in South Africa because we don’t want to be the ones to place bad news in the face of anyone. So we share these statistics with you to provide you with knowledge, and urge you to view these statistics with a feeling of power and not one of fear… because knowledge is power, and prevention is better than cure.

Residential burglary statistics

Having seen the above statistics we have to acknowledge the traceable increase in crime that has progressed over the past seven years. So, how do we (as Western Cape residents) work towards preventing these statistics from climbing any further? Our suggestion call on two main methods…

Prevent crime through layered security

Just having an alarm system fitted in your home isn’t enough nowadays when it comes to keeping burglars out. Going about home security by using a layered security approach is definitely the way to go.

Join your local neighbourhood watch

If the suburb you live in has a neighbourhood watch organisation, why not join? Becoming a part of your local neighbourhood watch can only affect the crime in your area in a positive way. Members of neighbourhood watch are people from your community – just like you! They have full-time jobs and are full-time parents too, juggling family-life, paying attention to pets and working to pay their mortgage bond at the end of each month. With more members, your neighbourhood watch is able to share latest crime trends with you – keeping you informed and empowered. Plus, if you sign up for monthly patrols it’s one more person out there sending the message to criminals that there is always someone watching.

Get chatting to your community

If you’re not quite ready to join neighbourhood watch yet, but would still like to be part of your community’s conversation, why not join OurHood? OurHood is a secure digital platform where residents of a neighbourhood can securely communicate with one another about everything from lost pets to the latest crime trends. If OurHood isn’t available in your area yet, just drop them an email and they’ll get your area on the map… and communicating in no time.

At Shutterway, we believe that through knowledge-sharing and community-caring we can tackle the rise in Western Cape residential burglary statistics and make our neighbourhoods a better place to live.