Security Barriers: Inside versus Outside

At Shutterway we not only strive to manufacture the strongest security barriers, we also supply home owners with a stylish security solution without detracting from the home’s aesthetics.

Often clients request the installation of security barriers to be on the outside rather than the inside. This brings us to the question whether security barriers are best suited inside or outside?

The answer is simple, whenever possible, security barriers are best installed internally.  Installations done inside the home have far more benefits than fitted on the outside:

1. From a Security Perspective

It is far more difficult to tamper with an internally fitted fixture.  We fit our units inside the reveal and bolt them into surrounding brickwork which is stronger than attached to the window or door frame.

Security Barriers - Blinds Up

Blinds Up

Security Barriers - Blinds Down

Blinds Down

2. Keeping in Mind the Aesthetics of Security Barriers

If worried that the burglar bars installed on the inside will give you a jail like feel, do not despair.

The elegant horizontal louvred design looks more like a blind than a burglar bar. It blends in nicely when used in combination with conventional blinds.  Installed inside, these units tend to look more like a blind or a shutter than an unsightly burglar bar.

3. Security Barriers Protected Against the Forces of Mother Nature

Although these security barriers are protected against corrosion, when installed on the inside they will be less exposed to environmental elements, which will mean a considerably longer lifespan of your security barriers.

Outward Opening Double Gates

4. Keeping Practicality In Mind

The direction in which existing units open have to be kept in mind.  For example, a front door is in most cases inward opening, which means that the security gate will be installed on the outside and swing open outwards. Generally, front entrance security gates are the only units we fit externally, while the rest of the home’s barriers will be fitted on the inside.

If you need advice and suggestion on the best positioning and configurations available, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange a site visit to assess your requirements.