How a Robust, Layered Security Plan Increases Your Property Value – Interview

Without a doubt, a property is one of the most important, and valuable, assets a person can acquire. This asset should be secured, protected, and treated as the prized possession it is.

Investing in and implementing a layered security system will not only afford peace of mind, but it will offer benefits that will bolster your property value in the long term.

To shed further light on this important matter, Shutterway caught up with Fran Beebé of Fran is one of the top real estate agents in the country with years of experience navigating the buyer’s market, so her advice with regards to property value is both welcome and informed:

Security is a top priority for most buyers and anything that is a priority has value to the buyer. Measures such as alarm with beams and quality security gates and electric fencing are things that buyers will look for when purchasing.”

In South Africa, more than ever before, it’s simple and affordable to augment both the safety and value of your house. As Fran said, homes should ideally be equipped with electronically operated entrance gates, a good alarm system with panic buttons, electrified perimeter fencing, a robust alarm system on all doors and windows, as well as an integrated camera system so the owner is able to view what’s happening on their property. Add Shutterway’s stylish security into the mix and you’ve got a robust, multi-layered system to secure your property.

The positives of installing a multi-layered security system are impossible to ignore:

Due to the initial cost of buying a property (deposit, transfer fees and moving costs) it’s preferable to buyers that the security is already in place when buying. Buyers will definitely pay more for a secure property giving them peace of mind of the safety of themselves and their family.

Another way of looking at it is that, if a property doesn’t have any security measures and it is repeatedly targeted, this will drastically reduce the value of the property. It is the seller’s responsibility, when asked, to disclose any security issues at the property.”

Security not only increases the property value while you own it but subsequently raises it when you’re trying to sell said property. In the current climate, the importance of having a secure security system in place cannot be overstated!

Fran Beebé –