Shutterway Busts Security System Myths

Unfortunately, security systems don’t come pre-installed in every home in South Africa, and this opens up many residences to burglary. What’s more is that some people actually think an alarm system won’t be able to assist their property in any way! This is an obvious fallacy. Shutterway busts some security system myths below!

MYTH 1: I Can’t Trust Wireless Security Systems

Don’t worry, wireless systems are superior to traditional ones!  Wired systems can have their connections severed if a burglar knows how to find them.  Wireless systems, on the other hand, are manageable whenever you need them.  Another plus is that you’ll have mobile access at all times, so you’ll be connected to your home from afar, even when you’re away on holiday.

MYTH 2: False Alarms (Pets & Kids)

False alarms occur.  A child may forget the code when they come home without you, or a beloved pet could discover how to open a door or window. Security companies are able to work around this if they’ve been informed by you beforehand. In addition, security companies treat all alarms with the same level of urgency.


MYTH 3: A Security System is Exorbitant

When you take into account just how much you’re willing to fork out on insurance to cover your home, it makes perfect sense that you should also invest in a security system to protect your valuables! Even if security systems are expensive, it’s most definitely worth the investment.  Some insurance companies even offer discounts to those with installed security systems.


Additional Information to Take into Account:

Outside security beams that are triggered by intruders before they’ve reached your front door are a very good early warning system.  As criminals often prey on the time gap between breaking in and response times of armed response, this early warning is an important piece in your alarm system armour.

It’s also vital that you include additional physical security barriers, as well as alarms, as part of your security system, in order to deter criminals and slow down the event of a break in.