Bolster Your Shutterway Security Gate with CISA Locks

It’s a bitter reality, but crowbar-style attempts to break in are on the rise. Shutterway and CISA locks have teamed up to combat this by fitting the strongest lock to the sturdiest – most stylish – gate on the market. This double team of security experience will go a long ways to deterring crowbar gangs from attempting to break in to your property.

For the best in security, specify the CISA Elettrika on your Shutterway gate:

A common modus operandi used in housebreakings in recent times is forced entry using a crowbar when the occupants aren’t at home. This violent form of intrusion is often undertaken by professional criminals who do not look out of place in suburban neighbourhoods. This makes it hard to counteract the scourge of crowbar-style break-ins.

Shutterway security gates fitted with the CISA Elettrika:









The wisest option, of course, is prevention. You’ll be able to ensure this by applying a layered approach to your security, preferably with good perimeter security, external beams and robust physical barriers to your home. CISA locks is a leading brand when it comes to solid locks, and their exceptionally well-designed CISA Elettrika – which is often used on Shutterway gates – is one of the strongest locks on the market against crowbar attacks.

Take a look at this video showing top MMA athlete, Gideon Drotschie, trying to break through CISA locks with a crowbar:

Pretty incredible, right? Shutterway has witnessed several attempted break-ins through these locks, and we can assure you that none of them were successful. On top of this, the Elettrika lock can also be linked to a multitude of access control solutions. Just in case you’re still unsure of the lock’s prowess, here’s another video to prove its incredible strength:

In summation: if you want to fit the best possible lock to your security gate, we advise contacting a Shutterway dealer near you and asking for the CISA Elettrika lock.